The University of Western Sydney has conducted perhaps the most significant longitudinal survey of racism suggesting that nearly half of Australia has negative attitudes to Muslims. A quarter had anti-Semetic attitudes and a little more, prejudices to Aboriginals. 

What’s most frustrating about this is that protectionist philosophy only serves to disadvantage, especially in a country where our strongest asset is cultural diversity. Even when considered from a purely economic standpoint, Australia must take in larger numbers of skilled and family migrants, each of whom is in themselves a mini stimulus package. They do after all need somewhere to live, something to eat and something to wear.

Fear of the other is to be expected but the antidote of education and experience is largely lacking. It’s not the job of the teacher nor the government, but ourselves to seek to understand. Don’t become one of these statistics, even when it’s unpopular remember that whilst there are many ethnicities, there is only one race - it’s called human.

The University of Western Sydney report findings are mapped geographically, to find out how your state and suburb scored or to download the national report follow the links below.

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