‘There is no diplomacy like candor.’
— Edward V. Lucas
In the midst of the GFC, Australia purports to be one of the ‘western’ world’s most economically stable nations with some of the best lifestyle on offer. Let’s be real however, it’s not really in the western hemisphere but at another island off Asia whose nearest neighbour to the south is the wasteland of Antarctica and to the north, the world’s most populous Islamic nation; Indonesia. 

This psydo-Western state of Australia hosts 22 million people, whilst Indonesia a south-east Asian country is home to 240 million; or 10 more that of Australia. Not only that but the two are distinctly and culturally different with differing values. Nonetheless and with a shared border, Australia and Indonesia carry out a neighbourly relationship, sharing cups of sugar and a friendly laugh over the fence. 

To that end, Australia sent Adelle Neary to it’s diplomatic mission to Indonesia at which point she promptly entered Asing Star; an Indonesian realty TV show featuring expats singing popular songs in the local language. Watch her sultry performance;

The Australian Foreign Affairs and former Primer Minister was quick to respond with..... an official endorsement for the performance efforts of the diplomatic mission.

Pomp and formality are gone in an emerging world order where foreign culture is embraced and relationships built on humanity, not politics.