‘A baby is a blank check made payable to the human race.’
— Barbara Christine Seifert
It might not be a race, but the minority is winning it, making them new the majority and turning the majority into a minority.... wait.... hang on.... my head hurts....

News of William Frey’s report on the US ethnic birthrate overtaking the white birthrate quickly made international news. I read it first on BBC online and admit my initial thought was ‘so what is the big deal?’. This time last year, I wrote about white-student loans offered by the ‘Former Majority Association for Equality’, to Caucasian male students who identified as marginalised against women and culturally diverse peers.

News reports like these have a flavour of fear about them, which doesn’t make sense when increased diversity points to increased opportunity and profitability.

In the last century, we may have designed a single advert to a homogenous mass-market for sales success. Today that simply doesn’t work, firstly the market isn’t homogenous and secondly, it isn’t ‘mass’. The market of today is fragmentation of niche channels that in fact offer greater opportunity than traditional mass-market methods. 

Instead of worrying about the colour of our children, we should be appropriating our products and services to an increasingly diverse customer and employee base. After all, that is what feeds black, red or white babies alike.