Drinking beer doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean, against bars, tables, chairs and poles.
— Anon
‘Women spend more money on impulse purchases than men’, or so we once thought. A number of recent studies from right around the world have flipped this sexist and stereotypical notion on its head.

Karen Collier in this morning’s Herald Sun reported on the flip. The items men tend to impulse purchase are different to that of women, they occur more frequently, cost more and are predictable. 

There was a time not long ago when men made most of the purchasing decision in the home. The cultural pendulum, at least in the west, swung back in the last century to women who started making most purchasing and therefore also impulse purchases contributing to a shopaholic stereotype. Now the pendulum has clearly swung back where men are again succumbing to impulse shopping in greater numbers spending $38 more than women on mainly food, beer and DVDs.

Women of course still impulse shop although to the lesser extent of $29, which really points to impulse shopping as not question of gender, but a condition of human-ness.

Our culture is not static, it’s a dynamic than will change as frequently as every generation. The commercial opportunity for the savvy operator being to identify trends, appropriate marketing to men/women and then ride the wave of impulse dollars that cross retail counters everyday. 

The top ten spontaneous purchases include:

  1. 1)Food
  2. 2)Clothes
  3. 3)Magazines
  4. 4)Wine
  5. 5)Books
  6. 6)DVDs
  7. 7)Shoes
  8. 8)Holidays
  9. 9)Beer
  10. 10) Toiletries

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