‘Success is a great deodorant.’
— Elizabeth Taylor

These were the words that Teresa Gambaro, an Australian Member of Parliament for the seat of Brisbane, Queensland has tried to retract. 

Teresa was born to an Italian immigrant parents in New Farm where her family owned and operated the local corner store. Nonetheless she states that ‘migrants need to learn how to use deodorant and to queue in line’. 

You’d think that with a personal migrant heritage, one would be more culturally sensitive. However this story only gets stranger as her current ministry portfolio is Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Settlement. So it’s her job to deal with migrants affairs each and every day. 

What this really points to is that positive cultural behaviours are not a function of birth, or employment, but education. Cultural training is a fundamental need regardless of a persons status and place in society. Contact us for a list of diversity training practitioners in your area.