‘People who sit back and pride themselves on their culture, haven’t any to speak of.’
— Elbert Hubbard
We’ve long known thought that money doesn’t make us happy when even winners of lotteries soon end up in greater debt and misery. Now scientific research has proven that the endless pursuit of dollars is folly but more importantly, has identified what will actually makes us happy. 

Andrew Oswald, a professor at Warwick University in England, research headline reads; ‘Once a country gets fairly rich (though much poorer than the United States), further economic growth does not seem to make its citizens any happier’.

So money does make us happy, but only to a certain point after which there are countless examples where too much money, like too much of a good thing, has the reverse effect and leads to depression.  

Koenraad Cuypers, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology also found that like money, education was not a determining factor in happiness, but people’s engagement with cultural participation is. 

Culture is not genetically passed down, it is a verb; the very practice of the things we do. It is art, music, dance, religion and a host of others that are unique to you and your community. Men and women are different however with research suggesting that men prefer to spectate whilst women prefer to participate. More interestingly, cultural participation has also been independently associated with good health. 

So go forth and prosper, then use your money to access culture. Buy tickets to concerts and galleries, buy art supplies or musical instruments; whether it be spectating, participating or both, get involved. Culture can not be taught, only caught and relies on you to become the master of your own health and happiness.