With all the hype around Fifty Shades of Grey and the countless spoofs its has spawned, be warned that this week’s story is a little racy, but in truth it is moored.

It’s the story of the two bulls, one young and full of enthusiasm, the other an older but wiser bull. They were both observing a herd of cows and the young bull says “let’s charge down the hillside and have our wicked way with a couple of those cows”. To which the older bull replies, “No, how about we stroll gently down the hillside and have our wicked with them all”.

How true it is that in our excitement, perhaps in anticipation of a quick win or to demonstrate our flare and prowess, we charge ahead confident of the outcome. When in fact, as it so often is, the slow and steady path leads to a more productive outcome, albeit not as dramatic at first. Whilst we live in a world of fast food, instant coffee, speed dialling, microwave meals and express checkouts, it pays to pause, slow down and ultimately achieve more than we can in our haste.

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