The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.
— John Acton
They are the oppressed, disadvantaged and rejected ethnic minorities of the United States, they are the new face of racial oppression; and their faces are white. 

CNN this week reported on the increasing trend of white Americans who believe they are the new disadvantage ethnic minority. All the key milestones are present;
- voter intimidation at the polls
  1. -university offering white-studies
  2. -association and scholarship programs for white men
  3. -modern economic disadvantages against historical standards
  4. -US Census Bureau predictions confirming minority status by 2050

But is this a knee-jerk reaction to demographic and economic change, a political gag by a few white men, or a genuine issue that is only starting to come to prominence? Colby Bohannan of Former Majority Association for Equality seems to think so. His organisation provides scholarships of $500 to needy caucasian students who they believe are left out of targeted scholarship programs for women and other ethnicities. Watch this CNN interview.

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