We don’t need a new generation of leadership, we need a new gender of leadership.
— Bill Clinton

From playing with toys, to watching our parents go about their day, unconscious bias for gender roles is determined in our early years.

Sweden's advertising watchdog, Reklamombudsmannan, has reprimanded the country's largest toy distributor TopToy, a franchisee of Toys R Us. The 2008 Christmas catalogue featured boys dressed as super heroes and girls as a princess. The new catalogue has relied on photoshop to swap boys for girls and pinks for blues.

On one page a girl playing with a doll has been swapped for a boy, on another, a boy with a machine gun is replaced by a girl. Even colours get a make over with a young girl's pink T-shirt recoloured light blue. 

Ridiculous political correctness or the right step in challenging gender equality? Have a look and you decide.

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