One of the great things about America, is that we’re a nation of doers
— President Obama at the crowdfunding signing ceremony

Economic change is again afoot in America as President Obama signs in the JOBS Act bill legalising crowd funding. 

Once tricky to source, venture capital is now a whole lot simpler to find for the savvy entrepreneur. A simple post to a crowd funding website like is a good first step, then sit back and wait until the target figure is achieved.

As an investor, you could invest as little as $100 or less for which you will receive an equity position (ie shares) along with thousands of others. If the critical total figure, for example $1m is achieved, then the  startup receives its funding and can work its magic. suggest there have been zero cases of fraud, and with number like 65% of all jobs and 50% of GDP contribution in the US from small businesses, its hard to argue with the idea.

Even if Americans only moved 1% of the $30 trillion held in long-term investments to small business, it would amount to more than 10 times the venture capital invested in all of 2011. 

This time next year there will be a whole lot more businesses, jobs and economic stimulus in the US economy. Not to mention millions of equity holders who may have invested little, done nothing in particular, but are happily sitting back  earning a tidy profit. 

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