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'The Great Galliani' was a tightrope walked who completed a walk across Niagara falls in difficult conditions of wind and rain. A fan on the other side urged him to make a return trip, but this time pushing a wheelbarrow which the spectator had thoughtfully bought along. 

The Great Galliani was reluctant because the conditions were so dangerous but the fan pressed him to continue; 'You can do it, you're the best!'.

'Do you really believe I can do this?' asked Galliani?

'Yes, I believe in you, you can definitely do it!' the fan responded.

'Okay, hop in the wheelbarrow then' offered Galliani. 

Sometimes our biggest fans, are those that appear to encourage us, even challenge us to greatness and 'thoughtfully bring a wheelbarrow along'. Yet when it comes to commitment  are they ready to jump in the wheelbarrow and join us on the journey?

It is too easy to offer praise and encouragement, and therefore dangerous to place a measure of people's commitment on those mere words. Rather judge pople by their  evidence of their support as they journey alongside you.