We all know that Silicon Valley is nickname given to the San Francisco bay area in reference to all the tech companies situated there, but did you know there are other 'silicon' cities?

  • Silicon Gulf, Phillipines
  • Silicon Fjord, Norway
  • Silicon Docks, Ireland
  • Silicon Woods, Germany
  • Silicon Canal, England

And that's just to name a few, but what about Australia? In recent years our tech scene has made a real presence on the global platform.  With this burgeoning industry, and more than 10,000 beaches (of which silica is a fundamental mineral), 'Silicon Beach' is really the perfect descriptor for the Australian technology sector.

But more than semantics consider that:

  • Australian rates 19th out of 142 countries for innovation
  • Has proven successful collaborations such as the CSIRO
  • and has a host of important global tech innovations to the name, including none other that WIFI itself

So if you agree and believe that technology, innovation and entrepreneurship have a place in Australia, welcome to my Silicon Beach.

Whitehaven Beach with its 98% pure silica white sand