Communicating with influence training

This workshop is designed specifically for leaders who recognise that through clever communications we can effectively influence.

Sasha will challenge your fundamental assumptions around preparing and delivering a presentation. In a highly practical program with the opportunity for both theory and practice, Sasha provides the tools, perspectives and frameworks to successfully package your ideas for the impact your want.

This Workshop WIll

  • transform the way you think, feel and act when it comes to presentations
  • teach you have to package and deliver your ideas for maximum influence and impact
  • something you can immediately implement

The Workshop Will Not

  • invest all our time solely in theory or practice (we’ll be doing both)
  • teach you what you already now (so you’ll be better than the rest)
  • teach you which fonts or clipart to use in your PowerPoint deck (seriously?!)

As a Bonus

You’ll receive the workbook and a copy of Sasha’s most recent book, Change Maker, Leadership Hacking from Henchman to Hero, which includes all the key learnings you will picked up in the workshop to continue your learning at home.

What others say

  • I didn't realise how even with the best intentions, I was sabotaging my presentation, phew Sasha you saved me
  • Public speaking is part of my job, but I always felt nervous, but now with this simple and structured approach I'm confident to present
  • The point of presenting is to change behaviour and influence others, and Sasha's method packaging ideas is perfect because it gets me that outcome I wanted in the first place

When & Where

A series of European cities are scheduled through the end of 2017 and will be hosted in luxurious five star hotels and inclusive of a lovely lunch. 


  • €220 Euro, includes workbook, delicious food and a copy of Change Maker, Leadership Hacking from Henchman to Hero by Sasha

How the workshop will do this

In this workshop you will learn the 7 key skills to mastering presentation craft:

  1. Structuring your idea into a compelling narrative
  2. Designing a strong opening
  3. Correct use of voice, posture, gestures and space
  4. Humour timing and purpose
  5. Augmented engagement techniques
  6. An effective call to action
  7. Disaster recovery

Any Questions

If you have any questions about the workshop, we are more than happy to answer them

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