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Why your powerpoint has neither power not a point

The ability to communicate with influence is a key leadership capability in our post-digital economy. In a landscape where robots are taking over work which can be automated, we are now freed up to focus more intently on things which truly matter that robots can not do: lead our people

Every act of engagement, is an act of presentation, whether an email or corridor conversation, a board presentation or town hall keynote, yet few leaders across history have mastered presentation craft.  Presentation skills have become a key leadership imperative. 


Stick it - An Agile Approach to managing Change

With 70% of change initiatives failing, most are doomed from before they even begin. We can longer afford to be part of that failure. The greatest frustration for leaders is that we are often doing all the right things, using the right tools and best practice, yet results are inconsistent and change is rarely sustained

We can no longer afford to be perceived as the villains of change and must move from henchman to hero if we are to be successful in the emerging market. 


Jonathan Henderson Commonwealth Bank CBA CommBank