So, you've received your October reading. Now is the time to get stuck into the book, with a critical mindset, a prepare for a meaningful debate with your peers when we meet in November.

One way to read is to simply immerse yourself in the book and marinate in your thoughts, and that's totally ok.

  • Another way to approach this reading is to infuse the ideas which pique your interest, with your own thinking and opinions. This approach allows you an insightful consideration based on your experience and with a practical lens. A tool to help you do this is in the YES-BUT-AND frame below.
  • Another way is to consider other books you have read on this theme, whilst pondering the ideas presented by this author. That is a comparative reading style, and some ideas on comparative texts are listed below under RULE OF THREE.
  • Another way to shape your thinking on the ideas presented in this book is to read the critical review of others, it may be a good idea to do this after you finish the book so as not to prejudice your thinking too much. A number of CRITICS REVIEW are also listed below.
  • Lastly, you can listen to the author themselves speak on the topic, often this is after the book has been published and they already had to field common questions, so it may help answer some curiosities in your mind before you even get to them. Your can find some INTERVIEWS with Jonah Berger below

Yes But And

Simply put, this is a piece of paper divided into three columns. In the middle you write briefly note the idea that 'pinged' in your mind, perhaps include the page number for easy reference. Then in the left hand column titled BUT you give your opinion or insightly, which might be contrary and starting with BUT. Otherwise if you agree with the point the author had made but can extend to the thinking, in the right hand column titled AND you write your comment starting with AND. A template is available for download.

Rule of Three

The rule of three is simply about comparing the text to the thinking trajectory, from the current best seller, a contemporary best seller and a classic text. 

Current Best Seller


Contemporary Best Seller




Critical Review

Reading a critical reviewers thoughts will help to accelerate your attention to points of interest and value, but of more importance, is to layer your own opinions over that of the author and the critical reviewer. In conversation that might look like, 'the author said XYZ but the critical reviewer thought ABC, with that in mind, I actually think its more like 123'.


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